7-Year Old Boy Survives Murder; His Testimony.

Sean Kehoe, a 7 year old boy, was found on October 27th, 2008 in the family van with his throat slit but still alive.  Sean’s 2 year old brother, however, did not survive the attack and was found near the van.  The Police found the boys near a pond, located close to Littleton, Iowa.  Michelle Kehoe, the mother of the two boys, is being charged with murder, attempted murder and child endangerment.

The posted video, contains the testimony of the surviving boy of Michelle Kehoe.  Sean’s testimony describes his account on the day his brother died and his throat was severed.  His testimony is crucial to the investigation because the son is the only eyewitness and survivor on that terrible day, besides his mother.  Michelle Kehoe’s conviction could hang on her own son’s testimony.

The video begins with a picture of Sean when he was in the hospital being treated for the gash in his neck and the description of the cut. Than a voice record of when Sean was questioned by the police, is played.  “She put duck tape over my eyes and my nose and my mouth.” Sean continues to describe having to pull of the duct tape while his mom was hurting his little brother. Next, the son recounts crawling into the van and locking all the doors.  Sean his asked if his mother hurt herself and he replies, “yes”. But he did not know how she did it, only that she was bleeding.  The testimony than ends with the person who had been asking the questions, tell the Sean that they were going to get his throat fixed and that there would be a DCI officer that would come in after to ask more questions.  This gruesome testimony is key to the verdict of Michelle Kehoe’s conviction and the justice of one departed little brother of Sean Kehoe.

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