1/10/17 Notes


  • December 26th, 1996
  • Jim Clemetine (Investigator)
  • Laura Richards (Analyst)
  • JonBenet found dead in the house
  • Patsy Ramsey (Mother) died of cancer in 2006
  • Burt Ramsey (Son) still alive to this day (29 years old)
  • Newest audio technology is used to get in-depth detail of call
  • 911 Call – 5:52 am
    • Mother describes JonBenet and her relation to her
    • Mother hangs up phone
    • End of call; Father’s voice is heard, “We aren’t talking to you.”
    • Mother’s voice is heard after as well, “What did you do? Help me Jesus.”
    • Son’s voice, “What did you find?”
  • Team
    • Jim Fetzgarld (Forensic)
    • Stan Burke (Statment Analyst)
    • Eddie Shmidt (Executive Producer)
    • Dr Werner Spitz (Experienced with Autopsies)
    • James Kolar (Former Invesigator)
    • Dr. Henry Lee (Forensic)
  • Kim Archuleta (911 dispatcher that took the call)
    • Frantic speaking
    • Shift in tone
    • Heard 3 different voices
    • Seemed Rehearsed
    • Dispatcher was never asked to appear in court
  • Ransom Note
    • Foreign Faction
    • Money asked for in unique number in a unique form
    • Threatened to behead JonBenet
    • Borrowed lines from movies
    • 76% is extrensic
    • Seems like a sale pitch
    • Writing Ability  – High
    • Element of disguise
    • Language of One – English
    • Age – Adult 30+
    • Gender – Female
    • Maternal charicteristics
    • Practice notes were used
    • Took at least 21 min to write
    • Letter is staged
    • Unusual long note
  • Ron Walker was the first FBI agent on the scene
    • 5:59 am
      • First police officer arrives
    • Control people in the crime scene
    • Jon Ramsey leaves than comes back aggitated
    • Jon makes a B-line to the basement and discovers the body
    • Ron arrives at 1:20 pm
    • Jon Ramsey contaminated the body by setting it on the floor
  • Lot of money is put into this investigation
  • Suitcase found in basement under a broken window
  • John Ramsey saw her supposedly before the lights were turned on in the basement
  • Parents were not inverviewed
  • 5:54 am; Patsy calls family friends
  • Fleet White, Priscilla White – Ramsey’s friends
  • People are fearful to speak out about the JonBenet Case
  • Brian Scott – Ramsey’s Gardener
    • JonBenet was a normal kid, loved to play
    • Burt stuck to himself
    • Patsy was made about the OJ Simpson case
  • Judith Phillips – Photographer, Friend of Patsy
    • Daugther play with JonBent
    • JonBenet thought the trophies were more important to her mom than her
    • Mother died JonBenet hair
    • Cut of from interaction after the homicide
    • Was told not to talk to reporters
    • Thought they were hypocrites for going on CNN
    • Angry that JonBenet has not gotten justice and never will
  • December 27th, 1997 JonBenet Autopsy
    • Family didn’t want Dr. Spitz performing an autopsy on JonBenet
    • Spitz is taken to the replicated crime scene
    • JonBenet was strangled after already being killed by a blow to the head
    • Garrott was not neaded
    • Garrott did was not the weapon that killed JonBenet
    • No DNA was found on the flashlight
    • Skull was broken but not the skin
    • Flashlight shaped object was used
    • Hit on the right side of her head
    • Not a lot force is needed to create the break in the skull of JonBenet with the flashlight
  • Media Interviews
    • Mother changes her nodding from no to yes when Father speaks
    • Jon Ramsey is jumping past conclusion of who to why
    • Patsy is trying very hard to cry
    • Videos of JonBenet started showing up on TV
    • Media circus
    • Jon Ramsey feels accomplished that he went and talked to the police


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