1/31/17 Notes

Craig E. Block

Judge Craig E. Block had 133 respondents for his “Judicial Performance Review”.  Judge Block’s results rated him highly amongst his peers in District 5C of Iowa.  On average, through the selected categories, he scored a 4.64 with 5 being outstanding performance.

With the average score, Judge Block scored the highest in “Promptness of Rulings and Decisions”, along with Judge McLellan.  Block’s other high scores were in “Punctuality for Court Proceedings” and “Attentiveness to Arguments and Testimony”.  Along with Judge Block, there are 10 other fudges in District 5C of Iowa.

Craig Block received his Bachelor’s and J.D. from Drake University.  Before Craig became a district court judge for Iowa, he worked in private practice Block, Lamberti & Gocke of Ankeny, Iowa.  Judge Block was voted in on November 4, 2014 with 78.4 percent of the vote.  Block’s term ends on December 31, 2020.


Chapter 11: Bankruptcy

“In its simplest and purest form, bankruptcy allows for a person or business that owes money (debts) to be relieved of those obligations. Those who file for bankruptcy relief are known as debtors; the ultimate goal is to receive a discharge order from the court, “discharging” or relieving the debtor from his or her specified financial obligations.”  For the vast amount of bankruptcy cases, there are headquarters for each district, to deal with these proceedings.  These headquarter’s goals are to give the debtor a fresh start as well as making sure the creditors are paid what they are owed.  Bankruptcy can come in different types based on the situation allowing for different proceedings.  Along with the various situations, petitions, which contains information available on public record, can be filed to  assist in these proceedings.






State of Iowa v. Mark Becker (June, 2009)

  • Parkersburg, Iowa
  • Dave Becker
  • Todd Thomas, Aaron (sons)
  • May 25th, 2008
    • Tornado destroyed town and killed 8 people
    • Ed Thomas directed to help rebuild town
    • Led team to an 11-1 record
  • 911 call about shooting at the “bus barn”
  • Former teammate (Mark Becker) shot Ed Thomas with a revolver
  • Mark Becker pleaded insanity
  • Thomas family supported the Becker family after the shooting
  • The field was named after Ed Thomas
  • Mark Becker felt relieved after he murdered Ed Thomas
    • Thought he was evil and that he and his family had been suppressed by Ed Thomas since he was a kid
    • Yelled “Be free!! Your free now!!” once he lift the weight room.


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