2/14/17: Investigative Journalism and a News Writer From Channel 7

Micheal Flynn, a national security adviser, resigned due to contacts with Russia.    A unnamed patriot helped leak the information about Flynn to the Washington Post, giving a reminder that journalism is still out there and alive.  Coming with the leak, tension rose between the press and President Donald Trump.  The leak The contacts with the Russian Ambassador by Flynn, occurred on the same day 35 Russian officials were expelled from the United States.  To make matters worse, Mike Pence, Vice President of the U.S., spoke that the contacts between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador had nothing to do with the United States.  Along with the Vice President, the President of the United States did not know about the report and could not respond to the accusations about the national security adviser.  Micheal has now resigned from his position, but that doesn’t mean the media will move on.


News Writer: Channel 7 News

  • Look at trusted sources
  • Take into account different media
  • Network is getting cut out of the information
  • Election was more National Media than ever before
  • Media has always handpicked their reporters
  • Fake news has always been here, its more prominent now than ever before
  • The comment section can be a place to find news
  • Murder
    • Biggest Problem: Finding the information to get out to the public
  • Reporter knocked on the house of a murder scene
  • Took important and vivid pictures of the evidence
  • Didn’t use pictures because of possible liability
  • Used Facebook for using pictures for the people involved
    • Its available to the public, unless its a private account
  • Reporters report
  • Government tries to stay quiet
  • RTDNA Code of Ethics
    • Journalism accepts responsibility, articulates its reasons and opens its processes to public scrutiny
    • Journalism provides enormous benefits to self-governing societies.  In the process, it can create inconvenience, discomfort and even distress.  Minimizing harm, particularly to the vulnerable
    • The right to broadcast, publish or otherwise share information does not mean it is always right to do so.


  • Racism between City Council and the Mayor of Waterloo (victim)
  • E-Mail was main proof of incident
  • Dan Treil
  • Controversial Waterloo Courier story
  • Don’t believe what anybody tells you
    • Be suspect
    • Believe they are lying to you
    • Don’t take it at face value
    • Make them prove it
  • Sexual Assault Story
    • Grundy Center
    • Too much information about victim
    • Too much information about suspect
  • If you mess up, make amends right away

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