3/21/17 – Crime Victim Statement

Words cannot describe the feelings of loss that the family of Ed Thomas has.  Through Todd Thomas’s crime victim statement, you can feel the expression of sadness and hatred coursing through his strong words. The loving father that is Ed Thomas, was taken from Thomas and he still experiences that day.  The emotions have not withered or passed by like the day of June 24th.

Thomas, talks to Mark directly in the statement, describing the how his father only saw the good in him.  Thomas goes on to justify that Ed kept Mark on the football team to help get him back on track to a better life, quoting “At the age of 14, when you first started using drugs, my father made a choice to keep you on the football team.  And then again later in high school when you made the choice to use drugs, dad decided to keep you on the football team.  He stated that he felt you needed football.  He thought football might be able to help you straighten out your life.”  This account hit deep, it brought back memories from when I was in high school and how all the coaches that I had throughout my athletic career only wanted what was best for me.  The more I thought about these words, the deeper the emotional connection became with this statement.

The burning hatred is felt with Thomas as he depicts Mark for being “only one person to blame for my dad no longer being with us, and that is you Mark.”  Building onto his depiction, he describes how the choices that Mark made were his and his alone.  No one could make those choices for him, no one.  Each sentence became darker and darker, ending with a sentence by Thomas that had deep roots of disgust, “No one else, like a coward, brutally murdered my father on June 24th in front of over 20 innocent kids.”

But like every dark tunnel, their is light at the end. Thomas comments how he is working to forgive Mark for his actions but that is hard to forgive because of the anger he still has towards him. “The one thing that I am really struggling with is the fact that my son, and any other children that Candice and I may have, will never have the chance to meet their grandpa.” Stated by Thomas, a son missing his father.


Hearing: Supreme Court Justice Nominee

Senator Chuck Grassley swearing in Gorsuch



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