4/18/17 Atheist – Separation of Church & State

  • Justin Scott
  • Does not hate god or religion
  • Believes that there is not enough evidence for God
  • One of the most despised groups
  • Iowa is a very religious state
  • Council Meeting prayed before the meeting
  • “Christians shove their religion down your throat.”
  • 5 mins to talk at Council Meeting
  • Speaking for Atheist that the praying is offensive
  • Mayor believes he is doing nothing wrong and begin theistic
  • Mayor pretty much said that you need to shut up, keep quiet, and do your own thing.
  • Mayor “Be tolerant of our theistic approach.”
  • Mayor “How much time do we have left?”
  • Had a one-on-one meeting with Mayor Hart
    • Wanted him to drop the prayer, he laughed
    • Justin asked for a atheist prayer, Hart denied
    • Showed the satanic temple story
  • Spoke at the Waterloo Council Meeting
  • Inclusion is the key term in today’s class
  • An argument bestows upon the Journalism and Law class
  • Suggestions and feedback are given to Justin
  • Dialogue because heated and I feel uncomfortable because I have no idea what to say or what to do in this situation
  • Atheists in Independence, Iowa – Response from Mayor on Day of Reason Proclamation
  • Belief
  • Scientology
  • Law suits of public schools
  • McCollum v Board of Education
    • historic lawsuit against public schools teaching religion
    • “Cannot bring god into the public school”
    • Interviewed McCollum in 1992
    • Champaign-Urbana
    • Segregated Community
    • Christian music was played in the school
    • “Your religion was known”
    • Students would take time out of the day to take religion class
    • Son drew the resurrection of Christ, Vashti said never again
    • Son had to sit in the hall or principal’s office because he wasn’t taking the religious class
    • Son was beaten up more than once on his way home
      • Kids stole his shoes and he had to walk in the snow with his bare feet
    • Lawyer wanted to make a spectacle of the case
    • Vashti’s 10 year old son testified
    • Franklin used the strategy to show the Jim himself was a problem, no the class
    • Chapman brought Vashti’s father to the stand
    • Supreme Court decided to hear Vashti’s case



















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